Skills known and used by characters in the Ancient North have gone a minor overhaul that better reflects the skill of PCs over NPCs, as well as the modification of skill points (which more closely reflects the Pathfinder or 4th Edition D&D systems). In addition, some skills have been removed (such as Use Magic Device), some have been altered or consolidated (such as Heal), and some have been added (such as Herbalism).

Herbalism deals with the identification and collection of useful herbs and plants, as well as the preparation of such herbs into useful forms.

Definite Skills

  • Balance – Dex
  • Bluff – Cha
  • Charm (Diplomacy and Gather Information) – Cha
  • Climb – Str
  • Courtesy (Knowledge: Nobility & Royalty and Diplomacy) – Cha
  • Disguise – ???
  • Haggle (Appraise items, affect prices, and broker deals) – Cha
  • Handle Animal – Cha
  • Heal – Wis
  • Herblore (Knowledge: Nature) – Int
  • Hide – Dex
  • Intimidate – Cha
  • Jump – Str
  • Listen – Wis
  • Lore (Knowledge: History and Knowledge: Local) – Int
  • Move Silently – Dex
  • Open Lock (includes Disable Device) – Dex
  • Ride – Dex
  • Perform – ???
  • Sense Motive – Wis
  • Sleight of Hand – Dex
  • Spot (includes Search) – Wis
  • Survival (includes Knowledge: Geography) – Wis
  • Swim – Str
  • Tumble – Dex
  • Use Rope – Dex

Tentative Skills

  • Concentration – Tentatively useful for the Archer class, as well as for any potential magic-using class. Other than that, however, its uses are better served with a Fortitude save than a skill check
  • Craft – Need to decide how to handle this multi-skill
  • Escape Artist – Such a rarely used skill that it should probably be wrapped into something else.
  • Forgery – Even more rarely used than Escape Artist; it should be a combination of skill uses or a subset of something else
  • Knowledge: Arcana, Architecture & Engineering, Dungeoneering, Planes, and Religion
  • Languages – Decipher Script and Speak Language

Removed Skills

  • Decipher Script – Folded into Languages
  • Gather Information – Folded into Charm
  • Profession – Removed for lack of usefulness
  • Search – Folded into Spot
  • Speak Language – Folded into Languages
  • Spellcraft – Magic is unique and unregulated
  • Use Magic Device – Magical items are rare


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