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Remember, no one wants to adventure in the Shire, they want to adventure in Wilderland. So, the wild should be full of bandits, vicious animals, and evil spirits.

Current Projects

  • Worldbuilding – Ideas about the world itself and about how to create and detail it.
  • Character Building – Finish tribes transfer & customize existing classes, create Bard, Knight, Rogue, Monk, and Druid classes. and rebuild all classes to better fit the low-magic, gritty feel of the Ancient North using the Ranger as guide.
  • Bellsound – The bell-less village from which PCs begin.
  • Edit the “Favored Class” aspect of each tribe so that “Virdin Archer” and “Egra Barbarian” mean as much as “Elven Archer” or “Halfling Rogue”.
  • Recent History – The general history of the Ancient North for the last hundred years.
  • List of Animals – A list of the types of animals that live in the Ancient north and where they can be most commonly found.
  • Magic and Superstition – A collection of the various superstitions and magical things associated with them.
  • List of Common Goods – A list of non-weapon, non-armor goods available throughout the Ancient North.
  • Herbs and Plants – A list of herbs and plants of the Ancient North that are said have special properties.

(Mostly) Finished Pages

Main Page

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