Magic and Superstition


Bees are uncommon in the Ancient North, though certainly not unheard of. Beeswax is said to have special properties when burned as a candle. The flame and light of a beeswax candle will keep evil spirits at bay for as long as the candle burns.

Bronze Bell

The ringing of a well-crafted bronze bell dispels evil spirits.

Giant Lynx

The largest tooth of each giant lynx is said to contain its strength. When worn on a necklace the fang will impart some of that strength to the wearer.


Sage is a common ingredient in both foods and herbal remedies. Few have heard, however, that burning sage is an effective defense against evil spirits of fear and terror.

Silver Horseshoe

A silver horseshoe placed above the hearth is said to invite in spirits of good luck and protections.

Yellow Fox

The tail of a yellow fox brings good luck to its bearer.

Magic and Superstition

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