Herbs and Plants


Bittermint is an uncommon plant that tends to grow wild among the sunlit hills, rather than beneath the dark canopies of the forests. Bittermint is supposed to be a versatile herb with several uses. The leaves, when steeped in water, create a tea that is said to invigorate the mind. The raw leaves can also be applied wet to wounds, and they are said to draw out some of the pain. Finally, the roots can be chewed as a measure to help counter poisons.


Burnberries are a dangerous type of berry that is very similar to common blackberries in appearance. However, the juice of a burnberry causes severe burns, hence its name.


Eldinberries are a very rare, very poisonous berry that often grows alongside the equally rare Whiteberries. They are almost always fatal and act by paralyzing a creature’s muscles slowly, starting with the extremities and working inward until the heart itself stops.

Grey Wheat

Grey Wheat, found only in the Silvern Plains, can be baked into a hard, dense bread that is very filling, though not pleasant to eat. Grey bread is a staple of those who travel frequently. Unfortunately, the bakers of the Silvern Plains have been unable to find any ingredient that will overwhelm the natural taste of the grey wheat without affecting its consistency or durability in travel.


Roundleaf is a large, dark green plant with wide, circular leaves.

Summer Blossom

A rare orange flower that grows only in sunlit glades in forests and only during the brief summer of the Ancient North. The petals of the summer blossom can be steep in warm water, and the resulting vapor produces an invigorating effect.

Twisting Pinecones

These spiralling pinecones are dropped by blue spruce trees, found most commonly in the darker areas of forests. Eating the raw pinecones helps the body resist poison. Additionally, burning the pinecones produces an awful aroma that repels beasts and birds for a dozen yards and for several hours after the cones are burned.

Yellow Softberries

These edible berries are found throughout the forests of the Ancient North, though they are not very common. Yellow softberries can be mashed into a paste which can then be applied to cuts, burns, and other wounds to speed the healing process.


Whiteberries are a very rare berry that often grows alongside the deadly and equally rare Eldinberries. Whiteberries are known to have an invigorating effect as well being pleasantly sweet.

Winter’s Breath

Herbs and Plants

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