Character Building

Characters in the Ancient North follow the E6 rule system, meaning they advance normally from level 1 to level 6. After reaching level 6, they can no longer gain additional class levels; instead, for every 5000 xp they earn a character can choose an additional feat for which they qualify. Skills are gained normally from levels 1 to 6, after which they can be increased only rarely and by taking special feats.

Tribes of the Ancient North

Humans are the only intelligent creatures who live in the Ancient North (as far as they know) and players may be any one of six distinct tribes of human. These tribes are all recognizably human, though they tend to have minor, but distinct, physical differences from each other.

Sendissarans and Virdanes are by far the most common people in the Ancient North. Egrites and Ingrits are less common, and tend to live in more remote areas. Drinns and Forlenians are the smallest tribes, but both still play an important part in the culture of the Ancient North.

When members of two different tribes have children together, the child almost always has the characteristics and traits of its mother’s tribe. Very rarely, a cross-tribe child will have mixed traits from its mother’s and father’s tribes. These children are called Enswar often become great leaders, warriors, or otherwise lead much more prominent lives than other members of either of their parent tribes.

  • The Sendissar are a protective, family-centric tribe renowned for their strong will.
  • The Virdin are hard-working, intuitive, and known to be exceptionally light on their feet.
  • The Egra are tough, independent folk with a lack of foresight and a knack for exploration.
  • The Forlen are clever and inventive people who care for little more than skill and renown.
  • The Drinnig are strong, bold, sometimes rash, and generally untrustworthy.
  • The Ingrit are a nomadic, unpredictable warriors known to be skilled hunters and ruthless brigands.

Warriors of the Ancient North

The Ancient North is a dangerous land full of vicious animals, cruel bandits, and unforgiving terrain. The folk who live here, those that make a name for themselves, anyway, must know how to protect themselves.

Definite Classes

  • Archer – A class focused on ranged combat.
  • Barbarian – A class focused on using anger to fuel combat.
  • Bard – A class focused on the power of word and song to effect change.
  • Knight – A class focused on defense and defending others.
  • Ranger – A class focused on tracking prey through the wild.
  • Rogue – A class focused on stealth and trickery.

Tentative Classes

  • Witch – A class focused on channeling the power of spirits.
  • Druid – A class focused on harnessing the power of the wild.
  • Monk – A class focused on technical combat.
  • Archers are focused specialists who prefer to fight from a distance. (Dex/Str)
  • Barbarians are savage warriors who rely on brute strength and primal fury. (Con/Str)
  • Bards are warrior-poets with a combat style all their own. (Cha/Int)
  • Druids are cunning herbalists who revere the power of the natural world. (Int/Con)
  • Fighters are peerless combatants who are as versatile as they are deadly. (Str/Con)
  • Knights are noble protectors who fight injustice and protect the innocent. (Cha/Str)
  • Monks are disciplined scholars and masters of exotic fighting styles. (Wis/Dex)
  • Rangers are master hunters and intuitive warriors of the wilderness. (Wis)
  • Rogues are skillful warriors who rely on stealth and trickery. (Int/Dex)

Character Building

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