Bellsound is a small village along the Whitehoof Road of about 300 people. It is named for an old stone belltower that sits in the middle of the village square. Strangely enough, there is no actual bell in the tower.


Bellsound was named after the belltower that the village was built around. The first families to settle in the area discovered it, standing alone and in good condition. They used it to signal the time, to call the workers back at the end of the day, and to warn of danger. It did not take long before the few families became a small village. The village was named Bellsound because everyone who lived there could hear the ringing of the bell from their homes and fields.

Approximately 150 years ago, however, the bell was lost. No one living in Bellsound today knows for sure what happened to it, but the legend is that Torseem the Bear and the Three-Talon Raiders themselves stole it during a vicious raid on the village. The legend says that the bell was magical, and that Torseem wanted its magic for his own. They say that the bell is hidden among the caves of the Roughshod Hills north of the village. Some have ventured out to search the caves over the years, but few have returned and no one has found any trace of the bell.

Present Day

Bellsound is a peaceful village that prospers when the harvest is bountiful and suffers when it isn’t. Its 300 inhabitants are mostly Sendissarans and Virdanes, though there are a handful of Forlenian families, some Drinns, and even a couple of solitary Egrites.

The village is not renowned for any craft or ware, but its people trade with the nearby villages of Aken and Yellowfield. The leader of Bellsound is Lathe the Elder, a Sendissar man who has led the town for four years. His son, Lathe the Younger is the man-at-arms and leader of the militia.

Notable Places

  • The White Stag is Bellsound’s only public house and livery. It is owned and run by Ollan.
  • Draeph’s Stockhouse is the general store in Bellsound, buying and selling a variety of goods.
  • The Belltower is the tall, stone tower in the center of Bellsound where the bell once hung. Now, the belltower serves as a sort of meeting place, since it’s in basically the center of the village.

Notable People

  • Lathe the Elder is the leader of Bellsound, and has been for the last four years. He is welcoming to traders, but mistrustful of other travelers.
  • Lathe the Younger is the man-at-arms of Bellsound and the leader of the village’s militia.
  • Ollan is the owner of Bellsound’s only public house and livery, The White Stag.
  • Draeph is the owner of the general store in Bellsound: Draeph’s Stockhouse.
  • Horrick the Healer is an old herbalist, formerly a hunter, and Bellsound’s foremost physician.


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